Letter: Family law needs an overhaul

Chico Enterprise-Record
Posted: 12/22/2011 12:07:28 AM PST


A recently released decision of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights found the U.S. in violation of human rights due to its biased treatment of women and children, and its failure to provide them with meaningful protection from domestic violence.

This has brought about recent meetings of the Administrative Office of the Courts and California Protective Parents Association along with the Center for Judicial Excellence.

As this problem is severe in Butte County, we need the changes here now.

We need the judges to order the restraining orders and the police to protect when called.

The police need to write the reports so the D.A. can investigate.

Not doing so tells the abusers it’s all right to abuse.

Children being murdered is on the rise (75) in the U.S. due to abusers having custody.

Protective parents are labeled “parental alienators” and punished by the courts for their appropriate protective efforts.

We need videotaping in Family Law now.

Child attorneys are being sued by young adults for not taking action when told the abuse was happening. Profit was more important.

And to stop the use of minor’s counsel as unqualified, they lack degrees in child development and psychology; their recommendations to the court are erroneous.

Each year, 58,599 children are placed at risk for injury because the courts ordered them into unsupervised care of an abusive parent.

See the groups named, DVLEAP Custody and Abuse Project, Justice for Children,