To save the future of the children of this country, and around the world, violence against women and children must become totally SOCIALLY UNACCEPTABLE.

Any person who is caught or charged with abusing a woman or a child, either physically or emotionally, must be investigated for the social injustice being committed against mankind. We have a lot of complicated laws and rules that many people don’t understand or follow.  Abuse must be defined and understood and condemned by all.

No ONE, especially the weak and helpless, should ever be subjected to violence either spoken, or acted, and anyone committing any act of violence against a woman or a child must be investigated and charged  immediately and the victim(s) MUST BE PROTECTED! When it comes to protecting women and children from abusers EVERY AGENCY says: “It’s NOT MY JOB!” The ONLY places for women and children to go are battered women’s shelters and if a violent man obtains a court order to take the children, the victims are not even safe at a shelter!

WHAT JUDGE,  YOU ASK, WOULD GIVE AN ABUSER CUSTODY OF SMALL CHILDREN? Unfortunately many, many, many judges are doing just that, and giving the children to convicted felons and men who are under investigation by the DEA or charged with drug trafficking by the United States of America! IF THEY HAVE ENOUGH MONEY ANYONE CAN TAKE CHILDREN AWAY FROM THEIR MOTHERS!

Don’t believe me? Look it UP. How many mothers are fighting in court to get their children back from the men who abused them? How many children have died at the hands of their abuses, who obtained COURT ORDERS to take them from their mothers?

Please add your comments, experiences or suggestions to end violence against the weak and innocent.



love to all dp