Although this effort began because of the number of maternal grandmothers that I am personally aware of, many, many grandparents are play major roles in the lives of their grandchildren, and love them very much.

Most recently, in courtrooms around the world and within the world of “child protection services” children are being given to men who abused their mothers, or taken from their mothers because of allegations of neglect, abuse, drug use or other social issues, and most of the time accusations are not investigated and only a signed statement from the accuser is needed for intervention between the mother and children, not the father and the mother, which should be the ONLY separation allowed to be created by the court. Men don’t have to prove ANYTHING to take a child from their mother, and then the mother has to move Heaven and Earth to get her children back, if she ever does.

If for any reason that the court has not to give children back to their mother, the GRANDPARENTS with statements of good health and reasonable stability, should become the guardians of the children. Don’t give them to strangers when there are perfectly good and wonderful grandparents wanting to keep their grandchildren in their family. It is only normal, and it is only right.

Processes should be in place in every state for grandparents and other immediate family members to be contacted as a FIRST PRIORITY if for any reason a father or mother is deemed unacceptable as a parent. Even then every effort should be made by social services to keep the family together, and even get the children back with the family when things are resolved. The family court DEMANDS stability of the family who gets the children, it does not DEMAND the stability of the child protection services and it does NOT DEFINE WHAT THEIR ROLE IS IN SOCIETY, and this is what needs to be done also.

Grandparents play a major role in the mental and emotional stability of a child. Tithe relationship creates the “family unit” that is oftentimes broken by divorce. The grandparents on both sides make the family unit stronger in the eyes of the children because grandparents have a different set of behaviors towards children than parents, it’s our job… and we love it very, very much.