I love people and I am tired of seeing so much injustice against women, against children, against hard-working, caring, honest, poor people, who can’t fight back.

Maybe we can all stand together, for the REAL truth, the REAL justice and the REAL AMERICAN WAY that we have all believed in for so long… “Treat OTHERS as you want to be treated,” and “First do no harm” then there are other GOLDEN RULES that are being broken by some for the sake of power and greed, at the risk of our freedoms, our rights, and the future of our children. We must change SOMETHING every day…

What if everyone who has gone what you’re going through was your friend and support net? What if you had dozens, even hundreds of people on your side to help support your fight against INJUSTICE in the court, in the street, in your life… What if YOU could make a difference,  just by listening to someone and supporting them in THEIR fight against the INJUSTICE against them?

If not us, then who? If not now, then, when?

If you have a cause you would like to promote,  just put it together and send me a link to your blog, video, photos and pertinent information for approval. Not ALL material will be approved to be posted, but important issues that must be addressed may BE APPROVED FOR THE iRevolution Tree – ROOT or BRANCH level. Please send questions in an email.

Create your own “iRevolution” based on your cause. All “just causes” will be considered.

love to all…