Please forward and post this link to every mother, every daughter, every sister, aunt, friend, grandmother, every woman you know and every man you know who honestly supports women’s rights… Mothers’ Day 2012 is NOT VERY FAR AWAY, but it really is too far, too long to wait, to have our children home. So, if we don’t get our children back out of the system of  “child protection services”  or “family” court or the juvenile system, BEFORE Mothers’ Day, May, 2012, THERE WILL BE AN INTERNATIONAL STRIKE by WOMEN, MEN and PROTECTORS OF CHILDREN around the world TO DRAW ATTENTION TO THE KIDNAPPING AND SALE OF CHILDREN by our “justice” system!!! love to all…

Please Join us for A MOTHER’S RIGHTS TO HER CHILDREN, Mothers Day Protest…

Will you be noticed the day after Mothers Day?

The IDEA: Our Pledge –
All loving mothers who CANNOT BE PROVEN IMMEDIATELY TO BE OF IMMINENT DANGER TO HER CHILD/CHILDREN MUST have their children returned to them at once!

WE WILL lock our doors, walk out of our jobs, stop driving our cars, stop spending money, stop cooking meals, WE DRIVE THE ECONOMY! WE WILL STOP PARTICIPATING IN SOCIETY UNTIL MOTHERS GET THEIR CHILDREN BACK!!!


thank you