What Mind…

What mind has the time to review and reflect?

What heart has survived through abuse and neglect?

What soul has the faith to destroy all doubt?

What body has the strength to rise up and shout?

Not those who are homeless and beg in the street…

Not the helpless and innocent and those who are weak,

Not those who punch a clock day after day,

Not those with money, and stuff, to give away.

So where is a mind with nothing to do

But dream of what’s better for me and for you…

Where is the heart that survived all the pain,

And a soul so complete with nothing to gain?

Where sits a body with miles left to roam,

One who needs nothing and calls anywhere home,

Who has the time and the love and joy

To speak to everyone – old and young, girl and boy?

Where is this spirit with all that it needs

To survive in this wilderness and still plant the seeds

Of hope for the future and good will to all

If this soul is you –will you heed the call?

Will you be one to forgive and forget,

Will strangers be friends you haven’t met yet?

Will you tell the stories of days of old

When children were happy and never cold?

Will you spread the words of love and of hope,

And provide the homeless with shelter and soap?

Will you protect the innocent and strengthen the weak

And provide the protestor with a platform to speak?

If your mind has had time to review and reflect

If your heart has survived through abuse or neglect

If your soul has the faith and a body that’s good

Would you be the one, to help – if you could?

January 11, 2007

Heed the Call…

Remember the homeless, and helpless, and weak,

They have hope in their hearts, and words left to speak.

They help one another, even with little to give,

They pray for a better place, and a way they can live.

So, what if your brother or sister or you,

Were lost for a moment or a year or two,

Who could you ask for a dollar or a dime,

Would you sleep in the street or commit a crime?

If you have all that you need and then more,

Would you offer some to others or just keep score?

With more than you need for now and for years,

Would you feed the hungry and dry their tears?

Would you take your time and money and life,

And try to help someone with anguish and strife?

Could you part with anything on a given day,

To help someone unknown, to find their way?

What is the value of all that you keep?

If others are starving do you lose any sleep?

Each night when you lie down in bed, did you know

There are those, with no place for their head?

Are you even aware of the grief and sorrow,

Of those who don’t know if they’ll eat tomorrow?

Their feet have no shoes and their hands no glove,

They don’t know comfort, or joy, or love.

We all have our burdens, that we each must bear,

It lightens the load to know someone else cares

Would you help a stranger, if you see them fall

If his burden’s too heavy – will you heed the call?

Why should you offer, to help the lives of others,

Do you know, that they, are your sisters and brothers?

We are all a part of the whole, it is known,

No one should be lonely, or have to walk alone.

For who is to say what’s our purpose in life,

To live for our children or husband or wife.

But those who have no one to care and to hold,

Find life getting lonelier as they get old.

Some of us have it all in the palm of our hands,

Some have more grief than their poor hearts can stand,

Our spirits are sensitive and sometimes we cry,

We notice the suffering and ask ourselves why.

Can we all work together to help all mankind…

Put our hearts and our souls and our love on the line,

And give all that we have that we know we can spare,

Just see how much could we do, when we care?

What ‘goes round – comes round’ we say is a fact,

Whatever you give, that’s what you get back…

For the lives and the spirits of children and all,

If your help is needed – will you heed the call?

January 31, 2007

What If…

The government requires that we pay our tax,

They take, and they take and they don’t give back…

Then they send our children to fight in other lands,

There’s collateral damage, to win oil from the sands.

Deserts are bare and nothing will grow,

There’s not enough to eat, and we all know,

That by fighting and killing the problems won’t solve,

Until we all learn to love, our souls won’t evolve.

If our country would send tractors, instead of tanks,

If we made shovels – not guns – we’d all give thanks,

To our Creator, for the minds, hearts and souls,

Who care for each other, as our bodies grow old.

If the money we gave to the war went to farming,

If our children built greenhouses, and soldiers disarming,

If we refused to kill, just for the sake of greed,

Every man, woman, child could have all that they need.

Why do we accept all the senseless killing?

We must all take a stand and then be willing,

To encourage beliefs of love, and not hate,

We could change the world and better relate,

For everyone is someone’s daughter or son,

We must believe in the soul, and love everyone.

We are all connected in Spirit, you see,

If you hurt another, you’re still hurting me.

If those who have much they could give away,

And knew that it went to help someone’s day,

And the forces in power know what we expect,

We could overcome all this abuse and neglect.

If each and every country, and city, and town,

Had a place for the homeless, and hope could be found,

And the teachings of faith, that each soul is your brother,

We could all learn to help, and love one another.

If these places of hope each welcomed our sons

And daughters and those who have no one…

If we each do our part, it’s our heartfelt belief

The lost, and less fortunate, would have some relief.

If we each take a moment and do what we can,

There’d be no hungry woman child or man.

There’s enough to go around for every one,

A shelter from the storm – and a place in the sun.

February 7, 2007


They say in this world we all have our place,

You either fit in or they laugh in your face.

The rich taunt the poor, and the strong force the weak,

They tell you be quiet, just hush, don’t speak.

The selves who we are must be meek and controlled,

We don’t know where to start when our lives unfold,

We’re caught in the streams of the do’s and the don’ts,

We don’t know there’s a difference between our needs and out wants.

Where did our hungry and the homeless come from?

There must have been a place where they used to call home.

How did they get here and where should they be?

There – but for the Grace of God – goes you, or goes me.

There are no immigrants or aliens alive,

Who aren’t searching for a better way to survive.

We each search for something we’re missing you see,

I might be missing you, you might just be missing me.

Isn’t it time we helped to end their shame,

Do we just throw them a bone or try to place blame?

Should ask them to tell how they got where they are,

Did they lose their family, or their job, or their car?

What was the beginning that brought them to this end,

Was it because of beliefs that just wouldn’t bend?

Did they just decide it was time to drop out,

Or did they lose their will, to stand up and shout?

Did they have all they wanted, and more than they’d need?

Did their worlds fall apart because of their greed?

Did someone belittle, or condemn their beliefs,

And getting out, was the only way, to get some relief…

If we change our beliefs and behaviors of self,

And not put our hearts and our souls on a shelf,

If we love one another and help to provide,

A new sense of BEING could brighten our lives.

The hope and the faith and the love we could give,

Would make this whole world a better place to live.

If we would help anyone who has less than we,

A new purpose in life we all could then see.

February 9, 2007

Mother Earth…

The atmosphere gets warmer and warmer each day,

The oceans are rising up to the land, they all say,

The earth’s warming is increasing at an alarming rate,

If we hope to help the future, we just mustn’t wait!

Every country and city and yes, you and me,

Must change everything we can, and whatever we see,

To stop the breakdown of the layers of air,

That protect our planet from sunspots that flare.

There’s a new foam to protect plants from the cold,

Our thoughts are creative and our ideas are bold,

Sometimes we just think of our own foolish pleasures,

But now we must care for our Earth’s hidden treasures.

We say that necessity is the mother of invention,

What we think and focus on, responds to our intention.

If we all set our minds on joy, love, and peace,

Then all this hot air could find some release!

Cool heads and warm hearts will help peace prevail,

And lighten the storms of strong winds and hail,

To the ways we behave, Mother Earth will respond,

Our focused intention, becomes a magic wand!

Yes our minds do create, the world where we live,

If we take time and energy and learn how to give,

No one would have little when some have a lot,

We must re-create ourselves and write a new plot!

The way things should be and the way that they are,

There’s an ocean of difference you can see from afar.

If we live in this moment, and open our eyes,

We’d see what surrounds us and then we’d be wise.

Our spirits inside can evolve each new day,

Thoughts and desire may change in every way,

Sometimes we don’t know who we’ll be tomorrow,

We just want the joy to overcome the sorrow.

Everyone has ‘lost’ someone they love in their lives,

Many lost their children, their husbands or their wives.

Some just lose hope and we know that’s enough,

If we lose faith in ourselves, then life can be tough.

Sometimes our family or friends tell us “Hey,

Get your life together, or be on your way!”

They’re just so caught up, they really can’t see,

What makes them, be them, is what lets me be me.

So we shouldn’t judge anyone, any time, you see,

If you didn’t have hope, how lost would YOU be?

We must take time to help others find a way to live,

There’s just so much joy when you know how to give.

It’s not just your dollars you should give don’t you see,

It’s hope for the world, for you, and for me.

Change your thoughts and acts, and yes, your intention,

Joy for one and all, becomes your mind’s invention!

February 17, 2007