How do we stop the violence that we once talked so much about that destroys families and children’s lives? How do we begin to create homes for our homeless and nourishment for the hungry and weak…

How do we change the way human beings act towards and react towards other human beings?

How do we make a man who has taken children from their mother realize the harm that is being done to the heart and soul of the child, and to the mother? Does it even matter, to him? We know it matters to the children, but most men don’t seem to hear their little hearts breaking. It’s like people have “bags over their heads” and they think no one can see them, and the wrong they are doing, to the children and the mothers of the children. The children will someday know, but, then what… as my grandson says to me “what’s next nanna, then what?”

When will we stop the pain of the children who are caught in the middle of a tug-of-war? What is this war about? Women usually have very little money when they lose their children, for whatever reason, and can’t afford the legal representation needed to get them back. THIS SHOULD BE A NON ISSUE. CHILDREN SHOULD BE with their MOTHERS FIRST! Everyone else has SECOND option to be in their lives. A MAN SHOULD NOT HAVE POSSESSION just because he was a SPERM DONOR! Rights to be a FATHER must be earned by being a good DAD. Then, and only then, should a “father” have rights to a child. This should be THE WAY, anything else can be fought over in the so-called “family court.”

There are many things that must change in this world. We can wait a million years for a new ice-age, or we can begin change NOW – with us.

How do we, when do we, WHY do we? Does it ever really matter anyway?

What is important to you? Do you know how make a difference in your cause?

Thanks for joining us, hopefully we can change the world by working together.

love to all…